Our equipments
& options

Our Bikes :

Arcade Easy Electric bicycle

The Arcade Easy, simple and efficient electrically assisted bike. It is available in sizes M and L. Its front wheel motor develops a power of 40Nm. It will take you everywhere in town or even to Cassis with its great autonomy.

Arcade Vitality Electric bicycle

The most powerful electric bike in our fleet: the Vitality will take you in town or on the paths of the Calanques National Park. Its Bafang M400 central motor develops a torque of 80Nm. Its great autonomy is given by a 17Ah battery. Size M. It is equipped with puncture-proof tires.

Arcade Brooklyn Electric bicycle

Powerful and versatile, the Arcade Brooklyn electrically assisted bike is equipped with a 60Nm central motor with 5 speeds that shift even when stationary. Its great autonomy is given by a 17Ah battery. Size M. It is equipped with puncture-proof tires.

Neomouv Croony Electric bicycle

Small all-terrain electric bike (EVTT), the Neomouv Croony 24' is perfect for young people or people under 1.50 m.

Electric rickshaw

Our unique bicycle taxi in the world can transport 2 adults or 2 children throughout the city with foolproof stability.Rented with or without driver.

Our Accessories :

Front child seat

Situated between the arms of the adult, the child aged 9 months to 2 years feels very safe.We also install a safety windshield.

Rear child seat

Our child seats are very practical.

Wehoo igo trailer

This pedal trailer is unanimously appreciated by all children from 3 years old up to 35kg.A child alternates between the needs for calm and those for motor skills. This device allows him to do both whenever he wants. Children love it and can spend hours in it.

Double wehoo trailer

Our Wehoo double trailer can transport 2 children whose combined ages cannot exceed 9 years:Twins 3 years oldTwins 4 years old3 years + 6 years4 years + 5 years

Battery phone holder

To travel around greater Marseille and use your GPS, you need energy. This phone holder has a built-in 5000mA battery

Our options :

Franchise Buyback

In the event of an accident or damage, an excess of €150 normally applies per bike and per incident. This option reduces this deductible to €0

Soccer game

You don't come to Marseille without playing pétanque... triplet and piglet are essential.