Ebike Tours                 

Private tour for groups and companies

DURATION: Variable
DISTANCE: Variable
DIFFICULTY: Easy to moderate (know how to ride a bike near cars)

Our corporate e-bike tours have become a popular activity for managers looking for a unique group bonding experience, combining relaxation, discovery and physical activity. The e-bike is increasingly being chosen as a means of transport for these tours. Seminars and symposia may have a notion of routine, but "company tours" bring added value by allowing team members to get to know each other, share moments and strengthen their group cohesion. These tours also allow you to take a step back from the daily life of the company and to recharge your batteries in contact with nature. In summary, corporate tours have become a must-do activity for groups wishing to strengthen their team spirit and offer a unique experience to their employees.
Eco-friendly and sustainable in Ebike, this is the perfect tour for those who want to travel without degrading.

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