Organise a tour for your family meeting !

Private Electric bike tour for Groups

DURATION : de 2h à 6h30 
DISTANCE : From 12 to 35 km 
DIFFICULTY : Easy to moderate (know how to ride a bicycle near cars)
Organising a cousinade, or family reunion, can be an exciting and rewarding experience for all involved. One way to make the day enjoyable for everyone is by planning activities that are inclusive and engaging. For example, why not organise a guided electric bike tour around Marseille, taking in the stunning views and picturesque scenery? This would provide a fun and active way to explore the city and ensure that everyone has a good time. Other activities that could be included are a day trip to the calanques for swimming and picnicking on the beach. With plenty of laughter and good times, a well-planned cousinade can ensure that the whole family has a memorable and enjoyable experience together.

Ecological and sustainable by Ebike, it is the perfect tour for those who want to travel without degrading.

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